Worship Schedule:  


1st Worship Service                 8:15 - 8:45 am  

2nd Worship Service                10:00 - 11:00 am     


This week at Lord of life

Monday, 9/10

First Day of Preschool

Tuesday, 9/11

Prayer Group at 10:00am

Education Meeting at 1:00pm

Fellowship Meeting at 7:00pm

Wednesday, 9/12

Outreach Meeting at 6:00pm

AA Meeting at 7:00pm

Adventist Meeting at 7:30pm

Saturday, 9/15

Remnant Seventh-Day Adventist Service at 9:00am

next week at lord of life

Sunday, 9/16

Lord of Life 1st Service at 8:15am

Adult Education at 9:00am

Lord of Life 2nd Service at 10:00am

Sunday School at 10:00am

Faith Thinking at 5:25 (offsite)

Whitestone Korean Baptist Church at 12:00pm

Central American Mission Service at 1:45pm

Renton Hispanic Foursquare Service at 4:30pm

Wednesday, 9/19

Council Meeting at 6:30pm

AA Meeting at 7:00pm (FH)

Remnant Church of Seventh-Day Adventist Meeting at 7:30pm (MPR)

Thursday, 9/20

Quilting at 9:00am

Friday, 9/21

Faith Thinking Prayer Retreat at 5:55pm (offsite)

Saturday, 9/22

Remnant Seventh-Day Adventist Service at 9:00am