who we are

Faith and Purpose:

We are first a Christian church.  The source of our life is found in Jesus Christ who died for us and was raised for us. Our goal is to have Jesus Christ be central in all that we do.

We are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in the Northwest Washington Synod. The message Lutherans bring to the church and the world is that God gives us friendship with himself, forgiveness of sins, and eternal life as a gift of his love through faith in Jesus Christ.

We welcome all to join us in worship, communion, and in our service and fellowship activities.  Lord of Life was started in 1974 and had its first worship services in Hagen's Barn. The informality of the 'barn' has continued with us.

We, the people of Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Renton, Washington proclaim our faith, hope and trust in one Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.   We believe that the Holy Spirit has called us into the fellowship of this congregation for the purpose of mission and ministry.  Our emphasis will be the Gospel of Jesus Christ and people.  The Gospel will have priority in all that we do.

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