Wild Church

Wild Church is taking a break from our regularly scheduled gathering.

Welcome to Renton Wild Church!

Wild Church begins again - in partnership with Columbia City Church of Hope - here are the details, hope to see you there!

Second Sunday of the month @ Seward Park Shelter 5

Wild Church is an emerging movement in churches around the world to recognize and learn to participate in the kindred interconnection of all beings, elements, and places. We gather to connect with nature as a community. Our hope is that our experiences will move us to care for creation and deepen our faith in the Creator. All ages welcome--this will be especially kid-friendly with plenty of time to wander and wonder!

What can I expect at Renton Wild Church?

  • To be with a community
  • To engage with nature
  • To share our wondering and ideas with one another
  • To give thanks together for One who created it all
  • To be blessed as leave one another

Is this kid friendly – won’t they be too noisy? 

Yes! Kids really seem to enjoy this worship service. The time of wandering and wondering can be solo and in silence or with others and in conversation. There is plenty of other noise outdoors so children’s laughter and play is simply another expression of God’s incredible creation. Often children are the first to want to share about that they noticed and wondered about while wandering – and they aren’t so concerned about being outside in the rain!

Is this gathering for the people who already attend church? 

Yes! Wild Church is a wonderful way to learn new spiritual practices that can be incorporated into daily life. The difference is to see how spiritual practices can also be shared with others and offer opportunities to wonder about God in new ways as we listen to one another.

Can I invite friends? 

Yes! Wild Church is a space outside of a traditional setting that allows people to explore their faith. Many in our area have negative experiences with church and this is an opportunity for them to reconnect with a faith community.

Why will you gather only once a month? 

For small communities we have learned that by gathering less often that people will mark it on their calendar and be more likely to come. This creates a space with more people so that those who come for the first time feel more comfortable.

Will we gather even in bad weather? 

Yes! In Scandinavia they have a saying “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes for the weather”, well, something like that. Dress warmly and bring an umbrella if it is raining – or you can stay under the shelter.

How does Wild Church connect with other cultures?

The concepts of Wild Church resonate with Celtic worship, sacred stories of Native American peoples and practices in Japan of Forest Bathing.  They all acknowledge the importance of being grounded in the world we live.

Jewell Praying Wolf James, a member of the Lummi Nation whose Lummi name is Se-Sealth, recently remarked that if every Christian gathering began with the refrain, “God created everything, keep it sacred," that within a generation our children would view the earth in a very different way. 

Email with any questions: RentonWildChurch (at) gmail.com

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